It is paradoxical that, sophistication in life, higher education, advances in science and technology are causing more and more complexities. It was better when the society was innocent and ignorant, when the technology was rudimentary, when there were a few legislations to govern its affairs. With increasing population, with increasing financial improvement, increasing number of laws which provide for so many litigations, with man’s zeal for affluence, simple and clean matters have become complicated and they are a pain in the neck.

Though a prospective buyer has struggled half of his life and somehow managed and saved some funds and is ready to make his only investment on a real property – many a times his dream may not be fructified or may even fetch him many sleepless nights once he makes it. That is the reason why an impeccable conveyance is the necessity of the day which calls for a thorough scrutiny of title.

Modernisation and urbanisation have brought with them, the apartment system and also the concept of joint venture. Therefore, the job of an investigator of title and conveyance lawyer has become more and more herculean today than it was a few decades ago.

Property and its transfer entail a number of complex issues. To understand transfer of property in action, its transition from ORIGIN to OWNERSHIP and subsequent possession, such other intrinsic issues have to be contemplated with certain depth at the very out set itself. It may be title, it may be ownership, it may be possession etc.,